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Do I need to detox?

We all feel so fresh after a bath, totally rejuvenated and full of energy and vigor. Not just this, we feel so clean and light too, as we feel we have removed the extra baggage of dirt from our body. Well, this is a perfect way to clean your body from the outside, but the way outside cleansing is a must the same way we need a cleanup from the inside as well. In fact this inside cleaning is much more imperative, as it relieves us from the greater risk of contracting ailments. Nourish your body with Green Goodness Co options. It is in our hands to internally wash ourselves too or in simpler terms Detox ourselves i.e try to take out or flush out our accumulated toxins.

The Toxins

Today, we are living in a world which is engulfed with pollution. We breathe polluted air, no matter how much we try to wash our fruits and vegetables we still end up eating a bit of the polluted food which gets soaked up bit by bit in our body. The water is contaminated which we make fit for our drinking by different treatments. Added to this, how can you we forget the junk that plastic has created around us and how it is entering our food chain. Well, it all sounds so depressing. Our bodies are not attuned to digest all this, this is the time when we have to help our bodies to move all this out of our system.

Detoxifying your body  is very essential in times of today, to ease up your body and declutter it. Our body is most happy when we eat things raw, but when we cook it, the body takes time to digest it. This is the starting of clutter getting into our body and system which we need to flush out.

Signs to watch out for

In your ever hectic routines, have you felt that life is taking a toll on you? Blood pressure, anxiousness, memory loss, lack of co ordination, dexterity issues, mood swings, digestive issues and above all depression are kind of becoming a part of your life. Well, all these are warning signs and you must stop and realize that you need to detoxify and that too urgently.

The magic of Fruits and vegetables

The process to detoxify is very simple. All you need to do is eat raw. Just consume raw fruits and vegetables. Make them a part of your diet for a few days or maybe a few weeks and you will see your body will slowly start the detoxification process. The best in this regards is Acai Berry. They have great antioxidant properties which great property to eliminate toxins from the body.

Detoxification process helps your body release many cancer causing toxins and promises you a healthier life today and everyday.