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Three Elevator designs that balance aesthetics with productivity

Comfort and convenience are the two words around which the world is focused today. Your home is your haven and you so wish to make it the most amazing and swanky looking place for yourself and your family. To assist you, newer innovations are happening this very moment, to make your life comfortable and luxurious. Residential elevators are the new buzzword for comfort. With their interesting designs the concept of installing an elevator to a home is picking up.

The home Elevator

Residential Elevators bring a lot of convenience to you in your home. It brings all the floors of your home at the same level. Be it a 4 or 3 storied house, just by entering the elevator cabin and push of a button you can traverse whichever floor you wish to in a minute. Grant Home Elevators offers complete installation of elevators regardless of any challenges the location may present.

You could have had a hectic time at the grocery store and have your bags full. Well no worries of handling now, just park your car in the garage, load your elevator with your stuff and move everything up to your Kitchen in a jiffy. It’s as simple as that. On the other side a house with an elevator has a different brand value and that oomph factor attached to it. The house is definitely priced higher and its resale value is much more than the other normal houses in the neighborhood.

The elevators are just perfect where you have elderly people in the house, as mobility tends to be an issue with age. Thus, here the old ones will not be confined to just a section of the house and will be more connected and feel wanted in the house. Also, you will relieve yourself of the tension of anybody slipping, tripping or falling from the stairs. Although, it is advised to never let children travel in the elevator alone.

Elevators of today

Seeing the ever increasing demand of residential elevators, companies are coming up with amazingly beautiful designs and technologically more advanced elevators. The point is to offer better than the best. Let’s get a little more insight about them.

• Beauty and appeal is something which leaves everyone awestruck. In residential set up we can see beautiful glass enclosed elevator cabins which leave a very good view. With this one does not feel claustrophobic and also seems to add space to your house. Moreover in case of lockout due to power failure, you don’t feel cutoff. These elevators come in beautiful shapes and are made from very secure and robust material.
• Elevators now come with great security features. These Safety standards  should be addressed when installing an elevator in the house. Most elevators come with a large battery backup, so that you have minimum lockouts. The best is where now they come with a telephone so that in case of a lockout you can speak with people outside and you can avoid panic attacks. They elevators now are so user-friendly so that anybody can operate them with ease.
• The present day residential elevators are coming up with such state of the art technology where the elevators come in a all-in-one drive tower. Here the cab and motor can be set up even without a hoistway or deep pit. The point is to make the entire machinery compact so that it takes less space and minimum modifications need to be carried out during installation.